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FindStats and PQStats


Current Version: 0.1.3 2/16/2006

Windows complete with Xerces DLL:
Windows .exe only: FindStats.exe
Windows .exe only: PQStats.exe


FindStats and PQStats are utilities that perform some simple statistical analyses of geocaches in a GPX file. FindStats is meant for analysis of the special "All Finds" Pocket Query, while PQStats works on any GPX file containing geocaches from

FindStats calculates several statistics about the caches you have found, and includes features intended to help you find duplicate find logs.

PQStats gives a summary of the caches in the file, including many of the same statistics calculated by FindStats.


Installation is simple. Just download, and unzip the it into a folder. No installation program is required. If you have already downloaded the program, and have the required Xerces-c_2_7.dll library already, you can get the executables individually: FindStats.exe or PQStats.exe.

Using FindStats or PQStats

To run either FindStats or PQStats, just drag a GPX file on the .exe icon. You can also make a shortcut and drag the GPX file onto that. The application will create a file with the same name as the GPX file, but with _Stats added and extension .txt

For example, if you process a file named Finds.gpx, FindStats will create a new file in the same folder called Finds_Stats.txt. You can open this file with Notepad or any other text editor to see the results.

Sample Output Files

Here are sample output files:

Output from FindStats on an All Finds Pocket Query.
Output from PQStats for a typical Pocket Query.

Note that the output from FindStats contains a lot of information that is not useful for regular Pocket Queries.