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Current Version: 1.2.11 5/12/2013

Windows .exe: FizzyCalc.exe


FizzyCalc is a Windows application that allows simple conversion of coordinates to various formats. It takes coordinate strings in a variety of formats and generates copy-and-paste versions of those coordinates in a variety of other formats.

FizzyCalc also does high-accuracy distance calculations and projections using the Vincenty method for calculating distances on an ellipsoid. These caculations are much better than you can obtain from your GPS unit or most other software out there.

NEW! FizzyCalc now does datum conversions the same way most GPS devices do. You can convert between over 100 different datums.


Installation is simple. Just download FizzyCalc.exe, and put it in a folder. No installation program is required.

Using FizzyCalc

To run FizzyCalc, just double-click on the .exe file.