GC852E: Bikes Cars and Trains    (1/1.5)
N 37 18.055   W 121 52.542
Type: Traditional     Size: Micro
Placed: 08/26/2002 by Pedalman
+++.+    Last Found: 01/13/2006

This is a bike friendly cache located on the bike path.

This is an urban cache located on the bike trail so you can't tell how long it will be around. It is a sign only cache and is in a black painted Altoids can. It should be very easy to find once you are on the trail.


Whfg unat nebhaq n juvyr. Qba'g yrg vg tengr ba lbh.
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Cache 34094 Exported 01/18/2006

Found on 01/13/2006 by airshadowshow:

Personally I don't think this cache needs immediate attention. The container is fine. The log was signable but damp... it was not signable with the pencil probably, but signable with the fountain pen I brought. Nonetheless the scraps of paper comprising the "log" are getting very full. I suppose the next guy could leave another scrap in there, or perhaps the cache owner would be kind enough to replace the log?

Found on 12/13/2005 by stegasaurus:

Didn't seem like the bike trail had seen much use, at least by bikers. Nice hide.

Found on 12/13/2005 by jmunch:

I didn't know where this section of the bike trail came out near Curtner.

Note on 07/10/2005 by cachecrashers:

There were some folks of questionable character around the cache area. I opten to pass for now. [This entry was edited by cachecrashers on Monday, July 11, 2005 at 4:09:49 PM.]

Found on 05/29/2005 by shadow101:

Maybe the cache hasn't died, but the contents sure have. This cache is in *serious* need of maintenance. I think that I signed the log on top of another signature, but there is no way to tell for sure. And the Altoids container is almost rusted shut. It took over a minute to get it open. This cache needs help.

Decoded Hint:

Just hang around a while. Don't let it grate on you.