Henry Coe 2009

April 2009

Above Alquist Trail

Blow Wives

Antony and Laurent on Alquist Trail

Ithuriel's Spear

Chinese Houses

Alquist Trail


County Line Road

Butterfly among Winter Vetch


Wild Iris

Chinese Houses


Antony and Wood Duck Pond


Antony at Pacheco Falls

Sticky Monkeyflower above Pacheco Falls

Laurent and Antony near Pacheco Falls

Pacheco Falls

Laurent and Antony at Pacheco Falls

Globe Lily and Poison Oak

Globe Lily

Tick on Antony

Camp at Pacheco Camp


Antony and Me

Clematis - VIrgin's Bower

Unknown Flower

Butterfly on Pacheco Ridge


4 Ridge Lines

Ladybugs and Ants on Thistle

Bear Mountain Peak South Side

Hillsides Golden with Flowers

Fremont's Star Lily

California Poppy

Red-Winged Blackbird at Mississippi Lake

Monkeyflower at Mississippi Lake


Antony on Bear Mountain Peak

Bear Mountain Peak North Side

Tricolor Gilia

You Write The Caption

Morning Fog -- Mississippi Lake

Hartman Trail

Hartman Trail

Antony on Hartman Trail


California Horned Lizard - Orestimba Creek

Trip Elevation Profile