Dave's Iceland Journal Part 1

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Packing for Iceland
Packing for Iceland Compressing a compression bag with my sleeping bag and a bunch of clothes.
Reykjavik Area Map
Reykjavik Area Map
Hallgrímskirkja Reyjavik, Iceland -- The view from the tower is reputed to be excellent.
Hallgrímskirkja Entrance
Hallgrímskirkja Entrance Courtyard at the entrance to the Hallgrímskirkja in Reyjavik, Iceland.
Stained Glass Window in Hallgrímskirkja
Stained Glass Window in Hallgrímskirkja A particularly nice stained-glass window in Hallgrímskirkja. Reyjavik, Iceland.
Figures at Hallgrímskirkja
Figures at Hallgrímskirkja Reyjavik, Iceland -- Marc, Brendan, and Robert with a sculpture figure in the plaza in front of Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik. The statue is Lief Ericsson.
Lief Ericsson Statue
Lief Ericsson Statue Statue of Leif Ericsson in front of Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik.
Trolls Reyjavik, Iceland -- Brendan and Luc with a troll.
Boys and Ducks
Boys and Ducks Brendan and Luc with ducks in Reyjavik, Iceland.
Golf Course at Sudernes
Golf Course at Sudernes Reyjavik, Iceland -- On a cold, rainy day on the way to get a geocache.
Golf in the Rain
Golf in the Rain Reyjavik, Iceland -- Golfers playing golf in the wind and rain at Sudernes in Reykjavik. If you want to play golf in Iceland, you play in any kind of weather!
Sudernes Geocache
Sudernes Geocache Reyjavik, Iceland -- It's in the rocks below the old building.
Alfred Reyjavik, Iceland -- Alfred at his most attractive.
Sandy and Alfred at Dinner
Sandy and Alfred at Dinner Reyjavik, Iceland
Park in Reykjavik
Park in Reykjavik Reyjavik, Iceland -- This is the large park in which I found the Washing Woman Picnik cache. I was under the impression that the Olympics had been held here, since there were many buildings with Olympic logos on them. Not so.
Luc and Isabel
Luc and Isabel Reyjavik, Iceland -- Clearly, Isabel knows that Luc is a nutcase. At the guesthouse.
Milling About
Milling About Reyjavik, Iceland -- Everyone in front of the guesthouse waiting for the bus.
Kleifarvatn Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- The lake looked great to swim in, only it was probably freezing.
Sandy and Brendan at Kleifarvatn
Sandy and Brendan at Kleifarvatn Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- It was windy and chilly. The hills above the lake are reminiscent of New Mexico.
Flowers Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Sandy told me these are wild thyme.
Fumarole at Beach
Fumarole at Beach Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Steam rises from a fumarole under the sand at the edge of the lake.
Hot Sand
Hot Sand Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Marc feeling the hot gas coming out of a fumarole under the sand.
Steam from Fumarole
Steam from Fumarole Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- The steam arising from the fumaroles under the sand had a strong sulfur smell!
Jim Photographing Bubbles
Jim Photographing Bubbles Kleifarvatn, Iceland
Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Attacking Arctic Tern.
Steam at Lake's Edge
Steam at Lake's Edge Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Steam rising from the edge of the sand.
Bubbling Gas
Bubbling Gas Kleifarvatn, Iceland -- Hot gas bubbling through the sand on the shore of the lake.
On The Trail at Seltun
On The Trail at Seltun Seltún, Iceland -- Everyone on the trail above the fumaroles.
Boiling Pool
Boiling Pool Seltún, Iceland -- Hot gas boiling out of a pool. This place reminded me of Bumpass Hell at Mount Lassen.
Strange Colors
Strange Colors Seltún, Iceland -- This formation had a weird, rubbery feel.
Pure Sulfur
Pure Sulfur Seltún, Iceland -- Marc warms his hands from the gas coming out of a fumarole. The rocks near him are pure sulfur.
Off Road
Off Road Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- On the way to the cliffs, we left the bus, thinking that the road was too hard to negotiate.
The Bus
The Bus Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- The bus, left behind, looks strangely out of place.
Surreal Landscape
Surreal Landscape Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Rocks here formed a surreal landscape.
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Boys are the same world round. Find a rock, and climb it.
Fisherman's Hut
Fisherman's Hut Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Luc emerging through the door of what we presume was a fishing hut.
Cliffs Krisuvikurberg, Iceland - Thousands of birds wheeled around the cliffs, and thousands more rested on precarious perches.
At Krisuvikurberg
At Krisuvikurberg Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Mary, Isabel, Marc, Luc, and Alfred.
Gulls Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Thousands of gulls perched happily on the cliffs.
More Cliffs
More Cliffs Krisuvikurberg, Iceland
Crashing Waves
Crashing Waves Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Waves thundered against the headland.
Long View
Long View Krisuvikurberg, Iceland -- Rob and a few others went over to the point.
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon, Iceland -- The outflow from the geothermal power plant is hot, very salty and full of minerals. Perfect for a spa!
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon, Iceland -- The water is about 4 feet deep everywhere and completely opaque.
Dave and Alfred
Dave and Alfred Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Victor and Luc
Victor and Luc Blue Lagoon, Iceland -- This was Luc's favorite time of the whole trip.
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