Dave's Iceland Journal Part 2

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Icelandic Horses
Icelandic Horses Laugardalur, Iceland -- We saw a group of these diminutive horses from our bus.
Gullfoss Gullfoss, Iceland -- The largest waterfall in Europe.
Me at Gullfoss
Me at Gullfoss Gullfoss, Iceland
Gullfoss Spray
Gullfoss Spray Gullfoss, Iceland -- The extent of the spray from the lower falls is enormous.
Rob's Dramatic Pose
Rob's Dramatic Pose Gullfoss, Iceland -- Rob bent over backwards for this shot.
Jim and the Icecap
Jim and the Icecap Gullfoss, Iceland -- That is the Langjokull icecap behind Jim.
Luc and Brendan
Luc and Brendan Gullfoss, Iceland
Brendan With Horse
Brendan With Horse Gullfoss, Iceland
Mary at Strokkur Geyser
Mary at Strokkur Geyser Geysir, Iceland
Strokkur Eruption Sequence
Strokkur Eruption 1 Strokkur Eruption 2 Strokkur Eruption 3 Strokkur Eruption 4 Strokkur Eruption 5 Strokkur Eruption 6 Strokkur Eruption 7
Thingvellir and Kaldidalur Map
Thingvellir and Kaldidalur Map
Thingvellir Chasm
Thingvellir Chasm Thingvellir, Iceland -- This site is the location of the earliest Parliament in Europe. It is located right on the mid-Atlantic ridge at the spot where the European and North American plates are being generated.
Speaker of Thingvellir
Speaker of Thingvellir Thingvellir, Iceland -- Here is where the first Parliament in Europe met.
Inside a Crack
Inside a Crack Thingvellir, Iceland -- Peering our from a crack in the basalt into which I climbed. The purple flowers on the left are carnivorous.
Thingvellir Road
Thingvellir Road Thingvellir, Iceland -- This road looked to me like it belonged on a movie set. It has been the public road to Thingvellir for centuries.
Baldy Explaining
Baldy Explaining Thingvellir, Iceland -- Aren't we the attentive group?
Thingvellir Road
Thingvellir Road Thingvellir, Iceland -- A view up toward the entrance to Thingvellir on the road.
Tourists Kaldidalur, Iceland -- Everyone hopped out of the minibus and took pictures.
Moss Mound
Moss Mound Kaldidalur, Iceland -- This mound of moss was typical of the area.
Eiriksjokull Icecap
Eiriksjokull Icecap Kaldidalur, Iceland
Isabel and Icecap
Isabel and Icecap Kaldidalur, Iceland -- Isabel and the Thorisjokull icecap.
Icecap Panorama
Icecap Panorama Kaldidalur, Iceland -- The Thorisjokull icecap.
Glaciers Kaldidalur, Iceland -- Glaciers coming from the Thorisjokull icecap.
Langjokull Icecap
Langjokull Icecap Kaldidalur, Iceland -- Looking back at the Langjokull icecap as we head down the valley.
Reconstructed Sod House
Reconstructed Sod House Eiríksstadir, Iceland -- This sod house is a reconstruction of what Erik the Red's house was like.
Victor the Viking
Victor the Viking Eiríksstadir, Iceland
Erik's House Ruins
Erik's House Ruins Eiríksstadir, Iceland -- What's the best thing to do in the ruins of Erik The Red's house? Why, wrestle, of course!
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