Dave's Iceland Journal Part 3

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Kayaking Area Map
Kayaking Area Map Including our track for much of the kayaking.
Base Camp
Base Camp Ytrafell, Iceland
Farm and Camp
Farm and Camp Ytrafell, Iceland -- Our scenic campsite at the farm.
Checking the Water
Checking the Water Ytrafell, Iceland -- Brendan and Victor on the rocks near our campsite on Hvammsfjordur.
Lunch Netey, Hvammsfjordur, Iceland
Toward Camp
Toward Camp Netey, Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- Looking back towards our camp from Netey.
Oystercatcher Netey, Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- This bird was NOT happy with our presence.
Cold Brendan
Cold Brendan Netey, Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- Brendan got a little chilled from the water that dripped off his paddle. He adjusted his stroke and had no problems from this point on, though.
Seals on the Rocks
Seals on the Rocks Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- The seals were a little skittish of people, so we never got too close.
Luc Kayaking
Luc Kayaking Hvammsfjordur, Iceland
Kayakers Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- Ed and Jean, Marc, and Robert and Brendan.
Eider Ducklings
Eider Ducklings Ytrafell, Iceland -- The farmer here raised eider ducks so that they would be used to people and come back to nest.
Ytrafellsmuli Ytrafell, Iceland -- The hill right above our camp, taken on our way to climb it.
Camp from Ytrafellsmuli
Camp from Ytrafellsmuli Ytrafell, Iceland -- The farm and our camp as seen from the top of Ytrafellsmuli.
Yesterday's Lunch Spot
Yesterday's Lunch Spot Ytrafell, Iceland -- Yesterday's lunch spot was at the island slightly above the center of this view from the top of Ytrafellsmuli.
Alpine Gentian
Alpine Gentian Ytrafell, Iceland -- on Ytrafellsmuli.
Across Hvammsfjordur
Across Hvammsfjordur Ytrafell, Iceland -- Sunset, across the fjord from our campsite.
Setting Up Camp
Setting Up Camp Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- Our second camp, on the tip of a peninsula.
Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- This nest had hatched eggshells in it.
Nap Time
Nap Time Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- It was nice and warm in the sun.
Off for Midnight Kayak
Off for Midnight Kayak Dave, Marc, and Baldy kayaked bck to the farm late at night.
Sunset Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- Sunset at midnight.
Brendan Kayaking
Brendan Kayaking Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- Brendan went the whole 11 miles that day by himself.
Kayaks Coming In
Kayaks Coming In Storiklakkur, Iceland -- This is the island where Erik The Red built and harbored the boat he took to Greenland.
Island Peak
Island Peak Storiklakkur, Iceland -- The island had a pretty good sized peak on it, about 60 m high.
Robert on Peak
Robert on Peak Storiklakkur, Iceland -- It goes without saying that Robert was the first to climb the peak.
View of Kayaks
View of Kayaks Storiklakkur, Iceland -- From the top of the peak on the island.
Erik's House
Erik's House Storiklakkur, Iceland -- We had lunch right on the ruins of Erik's House, the small rectangle you can just make out.
Ed Atop Peak
Ed Atop Peak Storiklakkur, Iceland
Parlanges Climbing Peak
Parlanges Climbing Peak Storiklakkur, Iceland -- Doesn't that water look appealing for swimming?
Snaefellsjokull Storiklakkur, Iceland -- Dad atop the peak with the Snaefellsjokull icecap to the left.
Baby Seagull
Baby Seagull Storiklakkur, Iceland -- There were several seagull chicks on the low side of the island.
Lava Formation
Lava Formation Storiklakkur, Iceland -- An interesting lava formation here where the crystals go in two directions.
Flying Puffin
Flying Puffin Purkey, Iceland -- I caught this image of a puffin flying past. These were the first puffins we had seen.
Lava Formation with Nests
Lava Formation with Nests Purkey, Iceland -- I don't understand this basalt formation. But the birds certainly liked it as a place to nest.
Rob and Dave Doing Dishes
Rob and Dave Doing Dishes Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- A most historical event.
Smugglers Harbor
Smugglers Harbor Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- We went off in search of a harbor used by smugglers in the middle ages smuggling narwhal tusks. This seemed the most likely spot.
Eider Nest
Eider Nest Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- I found this Eider nest with the down still in it.
Leaving Camp
Leaving Camp Dagverdarnes, Iceland -- All packed up to leave the beautiful campsite.
Victor and Isabel
Victor and Isabel Ytrafell, Iceland -- These two wanted to prolong their kayaking, so they loitered out there, singing together.
Luc Kayaking
Luc  Kayaking Ytrafell, Iceland -- Luc got his chance to go out kayaking by himself.
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