Dave's Iceland Journal Part 4

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Unnamed Waterfall
Unnamed Waterfall Skalmardalsa, Iceland -- Waterfalls this beautiful are so common in Iceland that it doesn't seem to have a name.
Artsy Shots
Artsy Flower Shot Artsy Waterfall Shot
Skalmardalsa, Iceland
Patreksfjordur Area Map
Patreksfjordur Area Map
Patreksfjordur Hike
Patreksfjordur Hike Patreksfjordur, Iceland -- The family climbed to the toip of a nearby hill before dinner.
Raudisandur -- Red Sand Beach
Attacked by Terns Worm Mound Victor in the Waves Luc Playing on the Beach Isabel and Latrabjarg
Latrabjarg Cliffs The Gang on the Beach Feeling Small Reflective Luc
Black Church
Black Church Luc and Brendan in Graveyard Raudisandur, Iceland -- Every little town in Iceland has a small Lutheran church. Here was no exception.
Memorial Hnjotur, Iceland -- This memorial is to all those who have drowned in shipwrecks in the Latrabjarg area.
Latrabjarg Map
Latrabjarg Map With our track on it.
View Toward Raudisandur
View Toward Raudisandur Latrabjarg, Iceland -- This view awaited us as we got to the top of the cliff at Latrabjarg.
Enormous Cliffs
Enormous Cliffs Latrabjarg, Iceland -- Rob and Jim are on top of that cliff!
Wheeling Birds
Wheeling Birds Latrabjarg, Iceland -- Thousands upon thousands of birds wheeled around the cliffs.
Seagull Chick
Seagull Chick Latrabjarg, Iceland
View Toward Raudisandur
View Toward Raudisandur Latrabjarg, Iceland
Victor Latrabjarg, Iceland -- View toward Raudisandur, where we had played in the surf that morning.
Another Cliff View
Another Cliff View Latrabjarg, Iceland
Jean Above The Cliffs
Jean Above The Cliffs Latrabjarg, Iceland
Birds and Sheep
Birds and Sheep Latrabjarg, Iceland
Latrabjarg Cliffs
Latrabjarg Cliffs Latrabjarg, Iceland -- You can clearly see the scarp up to the Latrabjarg cliffs here.
Guillemots Guillemots
Latrabjarg, Iceland
Razorbill Razorbill Razorbill Razorbill Razorbill
Latrabjarg, Iceland
Puffin Puffin Puffin Puffins in a Row
Puffin Puffin Puffin Puffin
Latrabjarg, Iceland
View of Cliffs
View of Cliffs Latrabjarg, Iceland -- Note the sheep atop the cliff.
Brendan with Puffins
Brendan with Puffins Latrabjarg, Iceland
Latrabjarg Lighthouse
Latrabjarg Lighthouse Latrabjarg, Iceland -- Taken from the westernmost point of Europe.
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