Dave's Iceland Journal Part 5

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Swimming in the Arctic Ocean
Swimming in the Arctic Ocean Selardalur, Iceland -- Boy, it was cold!
Dave Swimming
Dave Swimming Selardalur, Iceland -- I took a few strokes just to have actually swum. It made my sinuses hurt!
Victor and Dave Swimming
Victor and Dave Swimming Selardalur, Iceland -- Victor wanted to swim in the Arctic Ocean as well, so I went back in for moral support.
Getting Out
Getting Out Selardalur, Iceland -- The air felt very, very warm; even the wind felt balmy!
Alfred Swimming
Alfred Swimming Selardalur, Iceland -- Alfred went, too, but I wasn't going in for a third time!
Lake Luc
Lake Luc Selardalur, Iceland -- We dammed up a little stream and made a nice, big lake.
Luc The Magificent
Luc The Magificent Selardalur, Iceland -- Luc built a village full of unsuspecting townspeople who would be drowned when the dame burst.
Victor Engineering
Victor Engineering Selardalur, Iceland -- Victor was keen to make a permanent chnage to the landscape, so we re-directed the stream entirely.
Victor Buried
Victor Buried Selardalur, Iceland -- Of course somebody had to be buried in the sand!
Dynjandi Falls
Dynjandi Falls Dynjandi, Iceland -- Spectacular. Notice Robert in the lower right corner.
Rainbow Dynjandi, Iceland -- The angle of the sun was just right to make this rainbow.
Skalavik Map
Skalavik Map With my track on it.
Crossing the River
Crossing the River Skalavik, Iceland -- I only think a couple of people made it without getting their feet wet. Of course, tehre was a bridge about 100 meters away.
Stream and Cirque
Stream and Cirque Skalavik, Iceland -- Robert, Marc, and I climbed up to this little cirque up this stream.
Rob at Waterfall
Rob at Waterfall Skalavik, Iceland
Skalavik Waterfall
Skalavik Waterfall Skalavik, Iceland
Skalavik Waterfall
Skalavik Waterfall Skalavik, Iceland
Isafjordur Area Map
Isafjordur Area Map
Boat to Vigur Island
Boat to Vigur Island Isafjordur, Iceland
Luc Fending Off Terns
Luc Fending Off Terns Vigur Island, Iceland -- We received these sticks to fend off the Arctic Terns. Luc was determined to nail one.
Across Isafjardarjup
Across Isafjardarjup Vigur Island, Iceland
Black Guillemots
Black Guillemots Vigur Island, Iceland -- These birds are supposedly very rare in Iceland except here. Only we had seen several while kayaking.
Jim on Vigur
Jim on Vigur Vigur Island, Iceland
Eating Puffin
Eating Puffin Isafjordur, Iceland -- Boy, them puffins is good eatin!
Heading Out to Kayak
Heading Out to Kayak Isafjordur, Iceland -- Dave, Isabel, Alfred, and Victor went on one last kayak trip.
Luc and the Airplane
DK2_0626 Isafjordur, Iceland
Vigur Island
Vigur Island Isafjordur, Iceland -- View of Vigur Island from the air as we flew out.
Hvammsfjordur Hvammsfjordur, Iceland -- View of where we kayaked from the air. Our campsite on the peninsual is visible at the lower right.
The Gang
The Gang Reykjavik, Iceland -- One final shot of everyone. Jim, Alfred, Sandy, Isabel, Mary, Luc, Brendan, Jean, Marc, Robert, Victor, Dave, and Ed.
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