Mother and Baby Geese
DAK_2280 I think I took this picture in the fall. In any case, the baby geese following their mother around were pretty cute.
View of Shadow Cliffs
DAK_2432 A view of the lake from the southwest.
Sue and Ron Ready to Swim
DK2_2872 This picture illustrates the diversity in swimwear we have!
Getting In The Water
DK2_2873 A group getting in.
A SOWAT Mascot
DK2_2876 One of the fish that lives in the swimming area. I didn't completely correct the colors, to leave the "feel" of the water color.
Karen says that we shouldn't show this one the website as it would freak out new members.
DK2_2877 'Nuff said.
On The Way To The Rockpile
DK2_2878 I think this is Anita.
DK2_2882 I think this is a cool "out in the middle" picture.
Ron Swimming
DK2_2883 An underwater shot.
Ron Swimming 2
DK2_2884 Another underwater shot. I think the bubbles are particularly good in this one.
At The Rockpile
On The Way Back From The Rockpile
DK2_2895 I think this image gives the best feel for what swimming in the lake is like.
The Beach
The Buoys
Sunset Over Shadow Cliffs
MainLakeAtSunset I took this shot a year and a half ago. I think it is cool.