Trip to Salzburg, Merano, Davos, Feldkirch, and Neuschwanstein

September 2005

Freezing at the Chiemsee

Swans on the Chiemsee

Salzburg in the Early Morning

Salzburg At Night

Salzburg At Night

Karen Above Salzburg

Salzburg Looking Across the River at Night

Talk at Conference

Conference Participants Trying To Stay Awake

Carnival in Cathedral Plaza for St. Rupert's Celebration

Wurst Grill at St. Rupert's Celebration

McDonald's In Altstadt???

Salzburg Fortress and Catacombs from St. Peter's Cemetery

St. Peter's Square

Salzburg Altstadt Under the Cliff

Salzburg Altstadt at Sunset

Salzburg at Sunset

Karen with a Unicorn in Mirabel Gardens

Mirabel Gardens

Mirabel Gardens

Across the River -- View from Hotel

Mozart's Birthplace

Karen at Mozart's Birthplace

Hotel Altstadt

Lintel of Hotel Altstadt, built in 1377

Christmas in Salzburg Shop Across from our Hotel

Window of Christmas in Salzburg Store

Salzburg Fortress seen from University

Salzburg Fortress

View of Altstadt and Restaurant from Fortress

View of Salzburg Altstadt from Fortress

Salzburg University seen from Fortress

View over Salzburg Plain from Fortress

View over Salzburg Plain from Fortress

View of Gamekeeper's Cottage in Salzburg

Pig Torture Mask


Austrian Alps, Looking for a Geocache

Krystalwelt Fountain

Krystalwelt Store Inside

On The Way Up to Jaufenpass

Near Top of Jaufenpass, Looking North

Italian and Austrian Alps From Jaufenpass

Road Down From Jaufenpass

Looking for a Geocache on Jaufenpass

Road Down From Jaufenpass

Eremitaw Einsiedler Hotel, Merano


Countryside In Alto Adige, Near Merano

Apple Trees In Alto Adige

Old Church In Laas, Alto Adige

Italian Alpine Village Cengles

Dave With Apple “Trees”

Tschierv Valley from Ofenpass

Peaks Near Ofenpass

Dave at Fluela Geocache

Hiking Near Fluela Pass

Hut Near Fluela Pass

Davos From Teleferique

Trail Above Davos

Us With Glaciers Above Davos


Alpine Flower

Funicular Railway Across Davos Valley

Upper Teleferique Entering Station

Jakobshorn Teleferique Station

Lower Teleferique

Hotel Victoria, Davos

Davosersee in the Morning

Liechtenstein Mountain

Liechenstain Castle

Karen at Feldkirch Gymnasium

Entrance to Feldkirch Gymnasium

Front of Feldkirch Gymnasium

Old Town Feldkirch Jeweler

Old Town Feldkirch

Karen in Feldkirch

Feldkirch Fortress

Feldkirch From Fortress

Karen Above Feldkirch

Karen on Bridge -- Feldkirch

Karen's AFS House

Karen's AFS House

Hotel Bodensee, Bregenz

Bregenz Sunset

Karen Feeding Deer at Pinswang

The Austrian-German Border On the Trail

Legless Glass Lizard On Trail

Neuschwanstein Castle at Night

Karen at Hohenschwangau

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle and Marienbruecke


Marienbruecke from Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein From Below

Neuschwanstein From Below

Landsberg Am Lech

Olympic Swimming Pool, Munich

Olympic Swimming Pool, Munich

Olympic Swim Center, Munich